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To inculcate the spirit of competition amongst students and to meet the challenges of the changing environment school has a House System. There are four Houses named after planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. Each house comprises of students from Classes (V to XII.

Inter Houses activities are held through out the year to inculcate the feeling of competition amongst students. House activities are planned by house masters from time to time.

Students learn to work collectivelly under the leadership and guid-ance of their house masters and house-teachers. Regular House meet-ings are held to analyse, organise and put into action inter house events.

Houses maintain their display boards and inter-house competitions are held for the same.


H.M : Debjani Saraswati
AHM : Usha Sharma
House Captain : Simran Ratra, Colour - Silver
Motto: "Ideas come Alive when you believe in them'.

About Us: Mercury the smallest planet has an orbital period of 88Earth Days.The name 'Mercury has been taken from a Roman deity 'Mercury the fastest flying messenger of Gods. Just as the planet's . surface experiences greatest variations, faculty members & students of our House believe in dynamism, fluidity and growth. We are impaired with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough for us, we apply. Being willing is not enough, we deliver.

Our Achievements : Living upto our House motto, we have outdone ourselves this year too with remarkable achievements in Academics, Sports. Music, Dance & Arts.

In Inter-School activities:
Yashika, Vasundhara & Chenika were declared State Champions in Chess (SGFI) and were selected for state& National championships.
Arushi will represent Haryana in the National Lawn Tennis Championship.
Neeva & Shivam bagged the I position in the District Level Declamation and Science Quiz Contest respectively.
Sanyam won in district level and will participate in State Level Science Essay Contest.

In Inter House Activities :
We were Champions in Cycling Competition, Chess Competition, Science Congress (Class X), English Extempore (Class XI) , Science Quiz (Class X), Dance & Movie making competition (Class VIII), Paper Bag, Diya Decoration & Brain teasers ( Class VI, VII).

We also bagged the second positions in Banner making (Class X). English debate (Oass IX), Movie Making (Class VIII), Science Quiz, Paper Bag Making & English debate (Class VII), to name .just a few. Our Goal : The Horizon , is forever, at an arm's distance from us. With hope, humour, honesty and hardwork, we are steadily treading along towards the eternal world of Elegance, Ecstacy & Euphoria. We believe we can.


House Master : Dr. Neeraj Jain
A.H.M. : Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Gupta
"He who chooses the beginning of a road chooses a place it leads to. It is the means that determines the end' Well begun is half done-this sums up the purpose of life. The Venusian have full faith in their capabiltiy. Nothing in this world is going to deter them from achieving what they want from their life. "Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.' This has been the motto of Venus House throughout the year.

Venus House has always been a trendsetter. It has been proved that it has overwhelming potential by bagging the Winners trophy in Basket Ball competition (Girls). The House performed remarkably in other Inter House Co-Curricular activities also. Quoting a few : II, III & Consolation Prizes in Mehandi Competition for Class IX, Winners in Science Quiz for Class VIII, The house won second position in (Collage making Class IX) Brain Teasers (Class VI) Poster-Making (Class VI), Paper-Bag Making (Class VII), Sudoku (Class VIII), Movie Making in flash (Class VIII), English Debate (Class IX), Solo Dance (Class IX), & Maths Quiz (Class IX).

Besides all this Hardika of Class VI brought laurels to the institution by bagging II Position at District Level in Skating. Nikhil of Class VII bagged II Position in Martial Arts at District Level, Muskan of IX Blue bagged Consolation Prize at District Level in Dance Competition, Pragya of IX white won II Prize in Badminton at District Level, Kritik won III Position in Table-Tennis,while Navdeep bagged11,111 Position in Swimming.

Raghav of Class VI Blue added another feather in the cap by getting III position in chess at State Level, Abhimanyu (IX Violet) stood 1st in Basket Ball at State Level. In Youth Festival, Udbhawana (X Red)bagged II Prize in Hindi Extempore.

The constant encouragement and inspiration of the House tutors has helped in building confidence and boosting up the morale ofthe students to reach the pinnacle of success.

The year 2012-2013 had really been a glorious year for the House and I wish the Venusians all the success and a very bright future.
Best of Luck !

Dr. Neeraj Jain


House Mistress : Mrs. Ashita
House Captain : Master Vikram (XII Green)
A.H.M.: Mr. Parveen Khurana
Colour : Green      Symbol : Prosperity

Motto :"Nothing is Impossible in this World,
             I M Possible - says the word itself." '
About us : Our House is named after the third planet of the Solar System-The Earth. It inhabits a great variety oflife forms and is full of activities and different colours.As the motto says, the Earthians never believe that anything is impossible. The Courage, endurance . faith and hardwork of the members has motivated them to overcome all hindrances and excel in all the Academic, Sports and Co-curricular activities.

Earth House has always been a trendsetter.

In Inter-school activities :

Bhawna, Meghna & Kanika were declared State Champions in Chess (Sal) and were selected for National Championships. Dhruv was adjudged I at District Level in Table-Tennis. Afza Khan was II in Nationals in T.T. and Aditya was adjudged III at District Level in Karate.

In Inter House Activities:
Trophies Captured : Winners in Basket Ball Championship (Boys), Runners -up in Basket Ball Championship (Girls), Runners-up in Cycling Competition.

We were also the Champions in Poster-making (Class VI), IT Quiz (VI). Paper-bag making (VII), Science Collage making (VIII), Rangoli (VIII), Flower Arrangement (VIII), Maths Quiz (IX). Collage Making (XI) and Slogan Writing (XII) We bagged second position in Doha Vachan (Class VI), Slogan Writing (VII), Sudocu (VIII), Power-point Presentation (IX) Dance Competition (X) and Collage Making (XII).

Our Goal : Dear Students - Move Forward

With the eye of the eagle, the song of the nightingale.
The thrift of the sparrow, the wisdom of the owl
And youll certainly achieve what you dream.

The year 2012-2013 had been a glorious year for the House and I wish the Earthians all the success and a very bright future. Best of Luck.

House Mistress : Mrs. Ashita


H.M.: : R.S. Malhan
A.H.M.: Mandeep Gahlaut
House Captain : Vineet
Motto: Unity is our strength and we do not believe that sky is the limit.
About us : Named after the ancient Roman God of War 'Mars' it is often described as The Red Planet 'befitting the planet's Red Colour. Ever since Galileo discoverd this planet, Mars has captured the imagination of those who dare to dream, act and win. Similarly our students are inspired to attain skills and excel in everything they do.

Our Achievements: Our House has been a trendsetter. Our Head Boy (Aditya) is a Marsian. The Marsians have been Runners up in Chess Tournament (Boys) and Basket Ball. We have also excelled in Table Tennis. We also have many other achievements to add to our honour.

Our Inter School Achievements : First Position in Mehandi Competition, Banner Making and College Making, Second Position in Sudoku Competition and Slogan Writing, Third Position in Power Point Presentation and Solo Dance Competition proves the fact that we are ready to face every kind of Challenge. We have emerged victorious wherever we participated.

Our Dreams and Goals : The Marsians believe in goal setting and establishing specific measurable, achievable, reaslistic and time-tested goals. We always look forward to very successful and wonderful future ahead.

R.S. Malhan




H.M.: Mrs. Anita Malik
A.H.M.: Mr. Sunil Bhardwaj
H.M.: Mr. Naseeb Singh Ahlawat
A.H.M.: Mr. Neeraj Chaudhary
H.M.: Mrs. Anita Malik   H.M.: Mr. Naseeb Singh Ahlawat
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